Top Twenty Cities for Minority Entrepreneurs


Houston takes the title as the number one best city for minority entrepreneurs.

Some of the best cities for minority entrepreneurs are outside the Silicon Valley bubble.

Across all 50 states, Houston, Miami and Atlanta are the top three cities that minority business owners are flocking to. From affordability to growth opportunities, these cities are becoming attractive tech hubs for these entrepreneurs to set up shop.

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Center for Opportunity Urbanism and the Kauffman Index, B2B company Expert Market recently released its list of the top cities for minority entrepreneurs. To uncover the best places for minorities to live, work and launch a business, the study took into account a number of factors, including the opportunity share for new entrepreneurs, the rate of new entrepreneurs, startup density, economic opportunities for minorities, the number of minority-owned enterprises, startup costs and funding access.

Boasting affordable living costs and a large number of incubators, Houston takes the title as the number one best city for minority entrepreneurs. The city has one of the most diverse populations and its bustling startup scene is full of minority-owned business ventures. It also comes in fourth place for the most economic opportunities for minorities.

Not sold on the southwestern city? Head down to the beach instead. Miami takes the spot for second top city for minority entrepreneurs. The energetic city comes in second place for startup density, and third place for the rate of emerging entrepreneurs. However, if you’re still not enthused, head slightly north to Atlanta, the third top city for minorities. With low startup costs, great access to funding, a high rate of new entrepreneurs and a load of economic opportunities for minorities, Atlanta is a great place for minority entrepreneurs to launch a business.

From Baltimore to New York City, check out the top 20 cities for minority entrepreneurs below.

The Top 20 Cities for Minority Entrepreneurs

1st Houston, Texas

2nd Miami, Florida

3rd Atlanta, Georgia

4th Riverside, California

5th Baltimore, Maryland

6th San Jose, California

7th Dallas, Texas

8th Austin, Texas

9th Orlando, Florida

10th New York, New York

11th San Antonio, Texas

12th Las Vegas, Nevada

13th Tampa, Florida

14th Washington, D.C.

15th Los Angeles, California

16th Charlotte, North Carolina

17th Jacksonville, Florida

18th Denver, Colorado

19th Chicago, Illinois

20th Detroit, Michigan

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